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Soul-Development meets mixed media art.
A magical journey creating your unique soul-art-book "Your female power"
For all women - young and old - who want to reconnect to their true inner female magical power again.
60 weeks full of inspiration for your journey through this incarnation - mixed media art, soul-inspirations, affirmations, guided soul-journeys and a lot more

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An online journey to yourself

Soul Book is a year-long online self studying soul journey creating your own soul book filled up with writing, mixed media art, affirmations, symbols and a lot more. You can start right away.

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Why join SOUL BOOK?
Soul Book - is more than just another
online course

Soul Book for whom

Working with Soul Book can have a beneficial impact of your soul-well-being. But Soul Book is not considered to be a substitue or a replacement for a face to face therapy.
Soul Book is a self studying journey to yourself and your inner soul wisdom. A reconnection to your inner female magical power. An invetation to be the most wonderful creator of your reality.

Soul Development

Soul Book love journey

Soul Book is designed for every skill level. We are not training you to be a perfect artist or writer.
Soul Book is a personal journey to yourself by creating an extraordinary soulbook filled with diary writing, mixed media art and soul inspirations.
Soul Book is for everyone no matter where you stand right now in life.
There will be no judgment!
The tutorials are easy to follow. You can do it as we are doing it, step by step. Or you take the calsses as inspiration and doing something totally different. The soul is free in her creational process. The invetation is to follow and to trust yourself.

Love journey

Soul Book supplies

Art journaling and soul work can be super simple, but it can also be elaborate and complicated. We are going to keep things very simple, easy and basic, using things that are widely accessible to most people. Now and then we show you some supplies that are fun to use, but not neccessary. To see what basic supplies you need to make the most out of your soulbook journey, please open the pdf file here:



Payment Plans

Soul Development and connecting to your inner wise artist should not depend on how much money you have. Therefore we try to make Soul Book as accessable as possible.
Therefore we have three payment plans you can choose of:

  • Onetime payment for only 149.99 (taxes included) for over 60 weeks full of inspiration
  • 2 Easy payments - 79.79  (taxes included) each
  • 12 Easy payments for only 14.99 (taxes included) each

Payment plans

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So what do you get

when you are joining us on this magical soul book journey?

60 mixed media art tutorials

over + 60 mixed media art tutorials

60 soul inspirations

over + 60 soul work inspirations

Your companions on this special journey

Jennifer Weidmann

Hi, I am Jennifer one of the creator of soul book. Soul Book is an affair of heart for me. I see too many women struggling with their life not knowing how to express all their inner abundance to the world. All of them gifted with such precious talents and missions for a wonderful life. But too often our inner critics is unsettling us. Too often we do not reach out and live an extraordinary life as it could be. This is why we created Soul Book for you. Release your inner female magical power und experience your inner abundance in the real life. All is possible.  Let`s walk together in creating, inspiring, in connecting, making a better life for us and the world.
And not to forget: having a lot of fun together.

Jennifer Weidmann

Michelle Pendergrass

I believe everyone is creative. Even if you think you can only draw a stick figure. I believe I can teach you things you will be amazed with. One of my gifts is being able to break down the steps and layers of mixed media art journaling lessons that are very accessible. I have been teaching beginner level art journaling for over a decade and I am very confident that you will find that art journaling is not so intimidating when you have the right kind of instruction. I am eager to be on this journey wiht you and honered to be here.

Michelle Pendergrass

Your journey to your inner magical soul wisdom

What you get at soul book

What you get

  • 60 weeks full of inspirations
  • over +60 mixed media art tutorials
  • over +60 soul inspiration tutorials
  • over +12 guided soul journeys (mp3)
  • 12 pdf booklets about the different time qualities of the year
  • The secret garden work
  • get to know the circle of creation for your magical creation process
  • all classes are online in your soul courses academy
  • get the coachannel app for free for even working on most of the units offline
  • walk through this course in your own pace - there is no time limit set
  • learn how to express your soul wisdom, your visions, your struggles your answers, your solutions by creating a unique soul book
  • do not miss this extraordinary course for you and your life
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12 installments

12 Easy payments

Includes online access to Soul Book for one person. You can start the course right after the first payment was done.
60 weeks full of inspiration 
Pay in 12 easy payments of
14.99 USD each (taxes included) 
(total amount will be 179.88 USD)

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one payment

One payment
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Includes online access to Soul Book for one person.
60 weeks full of inspirations
Onetime payment
149.99 USD (taxes included)

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2 payments for soul book

2 easy payments

Includes online acces to Soul Book für one person.
60 weeks full of inspiration for your soul journey.
Pay in 2 easy payments of
79.70 USD each (taxes included)
(total amount will be 159.58 USD)

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