Time to expirience 
your inner
in the
outside world

Soul Journaling Starter Course -  is more than just another art journaling course.
Soul Journaling is opening yourself to your deep inner soul wisdom for experiencing your creational possibilities.
Time has come to let your lack of self-worth and self-love go and embrache your wonderful, talented, extraordinary self and let it shine into everything you do

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Soul Journaling

We all read so much already. We all achieved so much knowledge, but still have so many struggles in life. Soul Journaling is an invitation to reconnect to your inner soul wisdom and inner creativity. From here we can build up inner self-strength, inner self-trust in our ability to create the best life for us imaginable.
Soul Journaling is opining new ways for a playful, creative life.

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Are you ready for Soul Journaling?

Soul Journaling

For all women who want more from life. Who want finally reconnect with their inner female rhythm of doing things, of creating their life out of an inner feeling of abuandance and love.

Diving into your female flow. To often we try to follow a male path of creation and feel lost somewhere on the way. Time to reconnect to the female flow of doing and creating. A whole new world is waiting

Soul Journaling is a "to do" course. We will paint, we will write, we will create, we will glue, we will reconnect to our inner rich artist. Our inner child can come to life, playful and joyful. All the old believs like "you cannot do this", "you are a looser", "you are not good enough" can finally come to rest.

15 minutes a day- just for you, for your inner relationship to yourself, to your soul-wisdom. This is so important. Here we can find peace, rest and balance. We understand our wishes. Soul Journaling - an extraordinary journey to yourself.

+70 Tutorials

+35 mixed media art tutorials and + 35 soul-inspiration tutorials
for your reconnection to your inner female creativity and soul wisdom.
You are wonderful - time to experience this in your life

Soul Journaling picture nr. 1

+ 35 mixed media art tutorials

Soul Journaling pictures nr 2

+ 35 soul inspiration tutorials

What materials do you need for
Soul Journaling?

  • Watercolour Paper (size DinA 4 or nearby)
  • normal white writing/copy paper (size DinA 4 or nearby)
  • Watercolours (students supply is sufficient)
  • a brush
  • glue stick
  • an old book, tissues, wrapping paper, whatever you already have at home
  • a pencil, an eraser, a pen
  • you do not need to buy expensive or extravagant art supplies for doing this course, we try to make it suitable as possible
  • we work with things most of us have already at home
  • everything smooth and easy. Do not worry about it.
  • we do not judge. we do not compare. we respet the uniqueness of every single woman on this course.
  • The invitation: feel free, feel welcomed, feel the invitation to try out and find your inner creative female power
  • You can do it

Soul Journaling Starter Course
for the best price possible

Soul Journaling Starter Course

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60 days refund period offered

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99.99 USD instead of 149 USD

99.99 USD

  • 40 Units including
  • + 35 mixed media art tutorials
  • + 35 soul inspiration writing tutorials
  • 2 guided soul journeys
  • all units are placed in the soul.courses online academy
  • a self studying online course - you can work on the units in your own pace and time whenever you want
  • you can start the course right after ordering
  • the possibility to connect with other women on this journey in our private soul book FB group
  • time to be you
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Soul Journaling
One payment

Includes online access to Soul Journaling Starter
Course for one person.
40 Units with ovre 70 Tutorials full of inspiration for you and a wonderful
99.99 USD (taxes included)

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two payments

Soul Journaling
2 easy payments

Includes online access to the Soul Journaling Starter
Course for one person.
40 Units with over 70 Tutorials full of inspiration for you and a wonderful
Pay in 2 easy payments of
64.99 USD each (taxes included)
(total amount will be 129.98 USD)

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Your teachers for this course

Jennifer Weidmann

We created the Soul Journaling Starter Course as an inspiration to reconnect to your inner female wisdom and creational power.
You have already everything you need inside. Sometimes it needs just a little bit of inspiration to remind you of all the wisdom you are carryig inside.
Start to create your life out of your unique female soul rhythm. 
Soul Journaling can be the gate opener for a whole new self trust and self-love.

Michelle Pendergrass

I believe everyone is creative. Even if you think you can only draw a stick figure. I have been teaching
beginner level art journaling for over a decade
and am very confident that you will find tha
t art journaling is not so intimidationg when you have the right kind of
instruction. I am eager to be on this journey
with you and
honored to be here.
See you soon on this course.

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