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Magic of the inner child

Magic of the Inner Child

Connect yourself with the magic and power of your inner child. Feel the enjoyment of life, your curiosity of experiencing your powerful inner creator. Everything is possible with the magic of your inner child

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Soul Journaling course

Soul Journaling Starter Course

Soul Journaling is so much more than diary work and art journaling. It reveals the power of your inner creator, your inner soul wisdom, your inner abundance and the ability to bring this all alive in your reality.

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Old soul course

Old Souls

Do you feel lost sometimes? Do you feel that you have a long lost homeland? Reconnect yourself with the magic of Altantis, Avalon, Lemuria, Borealis, Osiris, the Maya and your starhomland. A magical journey to the depth of your true being.

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Soul Book

An extraordinary online course for reconnecting yourself to your magical inner female soul wisdom. A 60 week course full of inspirations. Over +60 mixed media tutorials and over +60 soul inspiration tutorials for you and a life you would love to experience

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60 soul book mixed media art tutorials
michelle butterfly
michelle circle of creation

How does it work?

All our courses are online self studying courses. You can start whenever you want, you can work in your own pace andthere is no timelimit set.
With the free coachannel app most of the units can be worked with even offline.
All our courses are also designed for studying with your mobile phone.
Get inspired wherever you are.


We are convinced that soul work should be available independently of the amount of money one has. Therefore we always try to find the best reasonable price for our courses. Through installment payments we make it possible for everyone to work with us.


SOUL is our main focus. Our courses are always an invitation to connect to your inner soul wisdom. You already have everything inside and sometimes it just needs a litte bit of inspiration to reconnect to your inner magical world. Our courses are meant to be that inspiration for you and for the best life you can imagine. 
With your soulwisdom everything is possible and magic can happen.

Soul Blog Articles

Create your own

This is an extraordinary soul journey: Together we dive into the female way of awakening and create together your wonderfull own female Tarot Deck.
Online on patreon.

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Your Soul Podcast

Listen to our soul inspirations on itunes, spotify, sticher, podimo and so many more. Your soul inspiration wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Soul Podcast
Soul Blog Articles

Your Soul-Blog

Dive into the wonderful world of our soul blog with so many inspiring articles round about soul, old soul, partnership and love, the inner child and so much more.

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Jennifer is such a wonderful inspiration. I love her courses and the way she is explaining soul correlations.


I did several courses with Jennifer and they were all just wonderful. These courses are all very unique and adaptable to all life situations


Even it is an online course you feel the connection and energy of Jennifer in every single unit. She is inspiring me without being instructive. I love her way of teaching  so much.


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